Calls and meetings

Major life events, team meetings, and catching up with old friends all made easier and more private.

Voice and video calling

On-demand voice and video calls are available for private, one-to-one communications. Video can be enabled or disabled for any call at any time.


A user can start a meeting with any of their connections at any time. Participation in a meeting can only be done by invitation from the meeting creator. Meetings have no time restrictions or participant limits*. Meetings and chats are continuous, meaning they can be joined/resumed at any time by any original participant after creation.

*Performance may vary according to your device. Web browsers can display a maximum of seven simultaneous video feeds.

Additional resources

Closed networks

Communications protected and organized in their own space.

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Designated spaces for different communication groups, participants, and audiences

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Invite-only connections

A simple but unexpected way to maintain your privacy and protection.

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