The Cybersecurity Solution You’ve Been Missing

Communications should be the lifeblood of your business, not its greatest threat. With 30+ years experience in the industry, we offer the protection you need for compliance, remediation, and beyond.

Communicate securely
with Lochbox

Closed network app

Only those invited and approved by your organization’s admin can view and participate in conversations.

On-prem safeguards

An on-prem key server behind your firewall with optionally side-loaded mobile apps on burner devices provide maximum protection during incidences of cyber attack.


Messaging, calls, and meetings secured via the Lochbox mobile app or your favorite desktop browser.

Advancing cyber communications
best practices for 30 years

Lochbox is the result of over 30 years experience in the secure communications space with our parent company Callware. Callware’s experience developing solutions for the dynamic compliance needs of the Department of Defense taught us the necessity of communication security for standard operations as well as pre/post-cyber attack. Lochbox enables companies to maintain the proprietary and secure exchange of information, protect customer data, control access to all intelligence data sources, and retain all communication history in one place.

(Stay) open for business

Lochbox secures communications to keep your business open following a cyber attack and protects from further loss during the remediation process. Our products and services are made for:

  • Individual organizations
  • Insurance groups
  • Remediation firms

The new standard for compliance

We work directly with clients, channel partners, CISO, CTO, and compliance officers to establish a higher standard for secure communications. Lochbox promotes the proactive evaluation of your cyber security needs, aids with approval by insurance underwriters, enhances your organizations WISP, and supports the CISO/CTO cyber security plan.

Our key difference

TL;DR – You control your encryption keys, not us.

When it comes to encryption, the devil is in the details. Unless you control the keys then you have no guarantee of security. Take back control with Lochbox.

1) Messages are encrypted prior to being sent to the Lochbox servers. 2) Encryption keys are stored at the location of your choosing (i.e. on-prem or your cloud). 3) Only the intended parties can decrypt the communication.

Get help now

We’re here to help you secure your communications before,
during, and after cyber attacks on your system.

For urgent response, email  rjeffs@lochbox.app  or call  801-988-6800

COMSEC expertise entrusted with protecting hundreds of millions of lives worldwide for nearly 30 years

In 1988 we founded Callware Technologies, a secure communications provider that has served the likes of the Department of Defense, Fortune 500 corporations, and international banks. Lochbox leverages our decades of experience to deliver a line of innovative cryptographic defenses to protect against the ever-growing threats of cyber attack.

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