Your Key(s) To Truly Private Communications

Your favorite communication apps aren’t as private as you think. We’re here to change that.

Lochbox is a privacy-first communications app that gives users the exclusive power to access, manage, and create the encryption keys for their chats, calls, and meetings.

User-controlled encryption

Encryption keys are independently and exclusively managed by you via a dedicated app or hardware wallet.

Closed network

Use Orgs to grow personal or professional networks while keeping approved members in and blocking everyone else out.

Administrator tools

Org creators get an admin portal to manage user permissions, create automated messages, and more.

Data sovereignty

Opt for privacy that goes beyond just encryption control and choose where your data is stored.


All connections are by invitation only. We never broadcast your account to the existing contacts on your device.

Encryption keys are basically a secret code that lets you communicate privately with others. The problem is that most service providers know your secret code. In fact, they make up the code and then share it with you. See the problem? Us too.

Take Encryption Into Your Own Hands. Literally.

Lochbox makes privacy personal with Key Hub and Key Manager, our hardware and software solutions that let you choose where to store, host, and create the encryption keys for your Lochbox communications.

Key Hub

Key Manager

  • Self hosted encryption key relay.
  • User-friendly, SBC-based device.
  • Set it and forget it or take it with you.*
  • Reliable, convenient way to maximize uptime.
  • Desktop-based app.
  • Use by itself or with Key Hub.
  • Computer must be on and not in standby.
  • Available now for Mac and Windows.

Get Key Manager Now On Mac and Windows

About Us

Lochbox is what happens after you keep a bunch of privacy and security fanatics together for a couple of decades serving organizations like the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies. We wanted protected communications to be more accessible while never compromising on our standards and came up with Lochbox.

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