Get to know Lochbox

The source for secure communications

Get to know Lochbox

The source for secure communications

More than just another messenger or meeting tool, Lochbox is a cybersecurity essential that gives organizations exclusive authority and control over their communications, the associated encryption keys, and all related data.

Explore this page and its resources to learn how Lochbox protects you and those you work with.

    A communications app with the features you expect and the protection you need to effectively run your business


    • Control of your encryption
    • Group and direct messaging
    • 1:1 voice and video calls
    • Meetings
    • Administrative controls
    • User permissions
    • Invite-only access

    What makes Lochbox special?

    TL;DR – You control your encryption keys, not us.

    1. Messages are encrypted prior to being sent to servers.
    2. Encryption keys are stored at the location of your choosing (i.e. on-prem or your cloud).
    3. Authorized recipients receive decryption keys directly from your key server.
    4. Your content is always encrypted at rest on Lochbox servers and impossible to decrypt by us since we don’t have your keys.

    Us vs. Them

    Microsoft Teams
    Independent device tracking
    Two-factor authentication
    No cross-device sessions
    Encryption at rest
    Independently controlled key server
    Requires mTLS
    Industry security compliance

    Independent device tracking – Tracking of the device, not just the user.

    Two-factor authentication – Allows the use of third-party authenticator apps.

    No cross-device sessions – All device sessions must be independently validated.

    Encryption at rest – Content is encrypted on service provider’s servers.

    Independently controlled key server – Encryption key access is under the sole discretion of the account owner.

    Requires mTLS – Both user and server require mutual verification of each other’s TLS certificate.

    Industry security compliance – Meets major security/privacy compliance standards like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.

    * The absence of a checkmark can mean that the service provider does not have the associated feature, does not advertise the use of such a feature, or their utilization of such a strategy is insufficient to be prescribed as zero trust.

    Dive in deep

    Check out the resource library to for a deeper understanding of the available features and benefits of Lochbox.

    This 9-page document describes the features and benefits of Lochbox while providing some comparisons against competitive products and services.

    A single-page document (front and back) that offers an easy to consume summary of Lochbox applications.

    Discover quick and easy practices to improve your organization’s cybersecurity strategy in this short guide.

    This simple graphic outlines how Lochbox provides greater protections than other communication solutions.

    This simple graphic outlines how Lochbox provides greater protections than other communication solutions.

    Communications that meet or exceed compliance requirements protect you and those you work with. Lochbox can help.

    Learn how not all encrypted communications are safe communications and how Lochbox can protect at-risk persons.

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